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Bible Reading / Step by Step: Walk with Jesus on Holy Week

Jesus' Triumphant Entry - Palm Sunday


Read - Luke 19:28-40

It’s Sunday Morning - Jesus is riding on a donkey down the streets toward Jerusalem. Crowds of people waving palm branches and calling him the King of Israel.

The crowd has grown even larger than it was two days ago. They knew of the miracles Jesus had performed, and they embraced him as the King. We know the full story of what’s to come and Jesus does as well. 

It’s incredibly inspiring, and humbling to take a step back and realize the love Jesus had for his people, especially these specific people, in the moment. He was lifted up as a king in the hearts of those watching, yet knows these same people will crucify him in less than a week. Even still, he continued onward step by step, riding humbly on that donkey.