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Bible Reading / What Happened to Jesus After Easter?

Day 1 | Jesus Came Back to Life

Read: Matthew 28:1-20

In our modern age, we are always connected to the people we love. We have phones, emails, and Zoom calls to make the distance seem closer and the time until we see each other again shorter.

Mary Magdalene and another woman, also named Mary, were on their way to visit the tomb where Jesus was buried so they could finish the burial rituals (Luke 24:1). As they watched the Romans crucify Jesus, prepare his body for burial, and lay him in a tomb, they still believed what Jesus had said was true: that Jesus is God, and he is the resurrection and the life (John 11:25). But they didn’t have phones, emails, or Zoom calls to keep in touch with Jesus. All they knew was what they saw. As they returned to the tomb, they likely didn’t expect to see him again so soon!

Instead of a corpse wrapped in linen, the women found an empty tomb, and an angel sitting on the stone at the entrance. The angel gave them the wonderful news: “Jesus is risen! Go and tell the others.” As they turned to go, they saw Jesus himself.

It’s hard to imagine the emotions rushing through them as they knelt at his feet. Amazement, hope, and joy. Everything he had said was true!

It’s still true. Jesus is risen. He is alive, and everyone who believes in him will have eternal life. This brings us hope and joy, too, and even some amazement, that the Lord of all would love us so much that he would send his son to die on a cross for our sake. This hope, joy, and love changes our lives for all eternity and also for the now, as we share God’s love with the people around us.

Pray: Dear God, thank you for loving me and sending Jesus to die for my sake. He is risen! Let your love for me change the way I interact with people, to love them as you love them. Let your love bring joy and hope to every corner of my life. Amen