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Bible Reading / What Happened to Jesus After Easter?

Day 2 | Jesus Appeared to his Disciples

Read Mark 16:1-20

If you asked a six-year-old how a car works, he or she might make car noises and say it drives on the road. That’s true, but not the answer to the question. The internal workings of the combustion engine are beyond the understanding of a child. Beyond the understanding of most adults, to be honest. Ask that question to a child from five hundred years ago, and he or she will have no concept of what a car is, let alone how it works.

The disciples were not unlike that child from five hundred years ago. Jesus said he would be raised from the dead; he said it multiple times. They witnessed him raise Lazarus from the dead (John 11), as well as the widow’s son (Luke 7) and the little girl (Luke 8). But in those cases, Jesus touched the dead person and brought him or her back to life. Who would do that for Jesus? They believed him, but they had no concept of how it would happen.

When Jesus finally appeared to the eleven Apostles, he scolded them for their lack of faith. The angel had given them instructions, but because they lacked faith, they hadn’t followed through on the instructions.

Faith in Jesus Christ changes our lives. It gives us hope for eternity and love for the people around us. And faith moves us. What is your next step? Maybe it’s to join a small group of believers, to build into each other’s lives. Maybe it’s to begin giving God ten percent of your income, what the Bible calls a tithe, a way to trust God with your finances. Maybe it’s to share your faith with your coworker or neighbor. Maybe it’s to take the plunge and be baptized, a way to signal to the world that you believe and are a life changed by Christ!

Pray: Dear God, thank you that faith in you is not wasted. You will do what you say you will do! Give me the strength to do what you are calling me to do. I am a life changed by Christ, and I want the world to see it! Amen