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What if the thing stopping you from living your best you? If you want to experience the fullness that God has for your life, you have to get your mind right. Discover how to eliminate the mindsets that keep you living small and feeling stuck.

Building Courage Under the Weight of Fear

Jason Mitchell · May 12, 2024

When fear creeps in, we go into protective mode – defensive mode. How can we overcome our fears and have a mindset built on courage?

Negative Effects of a Comparison Mindset

John Wilkinson · May 5, 2024

I'm not as good as them? What about me? Let's talk about what comparing ourselves to others actually looks like, and how to move past it.

The Mindset Shift That Can Change Culture

Jason Mitchell · April 28, 2024

Our mindsets shade the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Find out the true impact focusing on others before ourselves could have.

How Shame Controls Your Mind

Matt Parks · April 21, 2024

Have you ever wanted to hide, deny, or dismiss something? In order to beat the power of that shame, you have to expose what needs to be healed. Check out this message to find freedom and get your identity back.

How to Build Resilience in the Face of Pain

Jason Mitchell · April 14, 2024

Everyone faces pain. Although suffering is universal, victimhood is optional. God doesn't see you as a victim; he sees your pain and helps you build resilience and use it for good.

Silence Your Negative Thoughts

Jason Mitchell · April 7, 2024

The life you have today is a direct reflection of the thoughts you think most. Are your thoughts negative? It's time to get your mind right!