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When it comes to following Jesus, believing is the first step. But the rush of real faith comes when we stop standing still and start moving forward. Are you willing to take the leap?

A Story Of Extraordinary Courage

David Ashcraft · May 20, 2018

As a church we want to make an impact in our local communities and in communities around the world. The question is, with so much pain, hurt, and need in the world, where do we start? Dr. Vinh Chung joins us to share his family's story of extraordinary courage and a challenge to think how we can collectively make an impact.

A Lifestyle of Faith

John Wilkinson · May 13, 2018

The first step is to take a leap of faith—but the second is to find the next one to take. No matter where we are in our journey, we all have another jump. Are you ready to take yours?

Belief vs. Faith

John Wilkinson · May 6, 2018

What’s the definition of faith? Just believing is a nice idea, but it won’t get us where we need to be. If we’re going to experience real faith, we have to be willing to take the leap.