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It’s time to rethink our lives. Something’s got to change. So where do we start?

Rethinking Your Finances

David Ashcraft · February 7, 2021

What does your priority list look like when it comes to money? Most of us would say we live with financial stress - but if we're willing to trust God with what we're given, we can reframe our outlook on money and rethink how we spend, save, and give.

Check Yourself Vertically

Matt Parks · January 31, 2021

When it comes to relationships, sometimes we have to step back and look at ourselves before we step into making ours better. Taking the time to check ourselves with Jesus can make all the difference in rethinking our relationships.

Reframe and Refrain

Jason Mitchell · January 24, 2021

We’ve all experienced the gap between our good intentions and the decisions we make. The key to changing our behavior is to change our cravings - and to do that, we have to start with changing our heart.

Following the Spirit

David Ashcraft · January 17, 2021

If we’re ready to re-think our life and experience real change, we have to be willing to take real steps towards that change. So where do we start? By following.

Facing Opposition in Change

Jason Mitchell · January 10, 2021

Deciding to change is the simple part - the real challenge comes when we try to act on it. We can avoid getting held back by the opposition of change when we know what to expect. Are you ready?

Let Go & Let God

David Ashcraft · January 3, 2021

Life change is possible when we are born again through Jesus. We cannot change ourselves instead we should let go and let God transform us by staying close to Jesus.