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We all want to be part of a healthy community. The truth is, a church is only as healthy as its people. There are 3 signs we're doing well, and they may surprise you.

Healthy Churches Need to Focus on This

Jason Mitchell · February 25, 2024

What makes a healthy church? What should a healthy church focus on building a mission around? This is what we believe according to the Bible.

How Your Skillset is Vital to Our Future

Jason Mitchell · February 18, 2024

You are indispensable to what God wants to do at our church. You have been given unique gifts, abilities and strengths that play a massive role in the health and future here at LCBC.

What Makes a Church Healthy?

Jason Mitchell · February 11, 2024

What are the vital signs of a church? How would you know if it's healthy? How would you know if it's sick?