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3 Next Steps to Take After GLS 2021

Take what you learned during the 2021 Global Leadership Summit beyond the two days to continue learning and growing together

Personal Growth
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At LCBC, we believe that when a leader gets better, everything gets better. That’s why we host and invite others to be a part of events like the Global Leadership Summit. Every year we have hundreds of local leaders from businesses, community organizations, and churches as well as parents, students, and entrepreneurs take two full days to learn world-class lessons to sharpen their skills and develop their influence.

While events like GLS are impactful, what would happen if we could leverage what we learn during them beyond the two days to continue learning and growing together? It’s more than likely that you’ve left an event or conference with a notebook full of great ideas, only to have it sit on a shelf and get crowded out by daily life. Stop that cycle this year - instead, turn your good intentions into investments in your leadership by choosing the best next step for you:

1. Find a Group

We have Groups meeting specifically on GLS 2021 content this year - personalize your specific GLS takeaways and turn them into goals with our Beyond the Global Leadership Summit Groups. Or, take specific sessions from GLS and unpack the content with others in our GLS Deep Dive Group curriculum. Both Group options are available on our Group Finder for you to join!

2. Start A Group

Interested in starting your own Group on a topic you loved from GLS 2021? We’d love to have you invite others into the conversation. Invite friends and family in your sphere of influence to continue learning and growing together even after GLS is over. Start the conversation here about beginning a Group of your own - we’d love to help!

3. Engage with GLS Next

Global Leadership Summit content isn’t just for August - did you know the Global Leadership Network produces content year-round in the form of webinars and videos? And a lot of them are free! Check out GLS Next to be a part of their next event and continue to grow in your influence.

We hope you were inspired by the Global Leadership Summit this year - and we hope you’ll take an intentional next step to apply what you learned and keep growing in your influence.

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