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One Act That Could Change the World

Our nation is as divided as it has ever been. But what if there was one act that could help us change that? Find the answer here!

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When we Google "how to change the world," the first word or answer we will probably find is "vote." When we scroll Google, Facebook, or YouTube a little longer, it won't take much before we see a long list of opinions of how each person thinks they could change the world.

Common answers that are often found are:

  • Spend our money wisely and give it to a cause
  • Donate Blood
  • Volunteer in the local community
  • Be an advocate for change
  • Listen to older or younger people than ourselves

While all of these things, along with voting, are good and may be rooted in our deep personal convictions, will they truly change the world? Will the politics of the candidate or board member we support to change the world when half the people disagree with their beliefs?

Our nation is as divided as it has ever been. We all feel it. Just as we wrestle with how to turn the morality of our country, communities, and homes back to some resemblance of Jesus' love, we need to realize that there is one act, one rule, one piece of guidance that help them begin to do just that.

The One Act: Philippians 2:3

"Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves."

That's it!

At first glance, it can be easy to think that's pretty simple, but when we look deep into our own lives, it doesn't take long before we see a history of selfishness or pride.

It doesn't take long to remember that time when we pushed someone out of our life because they didn't vote the same way as us or didn't advocate for the exact cause that we have devoted so much time to.

Too many followers of Jesus have shifted more of their hearts and focus to things happening in the broader political world. This has often led to demonizing, criticizing, and alienating the very people God has placed in our lives to love and serve.

We must remember that God is in control and can be trusted. We are called to love people more than any personal opinion about politics or culture.

Remember This ⬇️

There is nothing sinful about developing and holding deep personal convictions and opinions about anything. Still, we can't let our convictions outpace our compassion.

Jesus did not come to this world to change our politics or the politics of anyone we know and disagree with.

He came for all people created in his image, including the ones we most disagree with.

We must live without fear or anxiety based on political pundits' opinions. Instead, we commit to humbly serving the people around us, whether Democrat or Republican, gay or straight, man or woman, black or white. They are all loved by God and need to be loved by us.

So what's the one act that changes the world?

Be Humble & Think of Everyone Above Yourself

Three Next Steps to Take:

  1. Create a reminder in your phone that writes out Philippians 2:3 and buzzes the time of day you find yourself most often scrolling through social media. So next time temptation comes to put politics over people, it helps us remember the small acts of humility that can change the world.
  2. Write out Philippians 2:3 on a note and stick it to your mirror. Start each day reading and reciting the truth God gives us to help prepare for the crucial daily conversation about this week's headlines that can quickly turn into a broken relationship.
  3. Form and build a habit of prayer and conversation with God. Sometimes we can feel alone and ill-equipped, and our natural reaction defaults to the negative patterns that only stir up more division. Remember this, you are not alone, and God is always with you, ready to face each challenge and conversation by your side.

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