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6 Ways You Can Impact Others

We all want to make an impact - but how do we know where to start? Check out these 6 simple steps to learn more!

Personal Growth
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Whether you think about it often or not at all, every interaction you have with another person holds an impact. And that impact creates the chance to change their life. That means every time you’re in front of someone at the grocery store, coaching a little league baseball team, meeting with a coworker, gathering with a family member—they all bring moments to impact and change a life!

The biggest way to use your impact is to remember that reality, even in the tough or mundane moments. Check out 6 ways you can impact a life in your everyday routine.

1. Show Kindness in Everything You Do

This one may seem easy, but it can be especially tough in moments where being kind feels unnatural. But choosing kindness in your words, your actions, and your attitude goes a long way. Kindness is a Fruit of the Spirit, and matters to God.

We really never know what someone else is going through, and your decision to be kind could impact a stranger in a big way. Or, if you do know someone who’s experiencing a rough season, text them you're thinking of them, drop off a meal, or just show up for them. Going out of your way to show them kindness could be just what they need today.

2. Use Your Influence for Good

You hold influence—whether it’s in your home, your school, your job, or your friend group, there are people who look up to you. Use this influence to spread truth and positivity that leads people to Jesus.

Maybe it’s being authentic online, telling the truth when everyone else is stretching it, not cutting corners on that big project, or sharing the burden with a friend who needs extra help.

3. Build Community Connections

Extend your impact by reaching out to the people in your neighborhood and community. Take opportunities to foster relationships and build connections with the people who live around you—you may be surprised how those relationships can lead to potential life change in the future!

Choose to go along to the park with your kids and their friends, invite your neighbors over for dinner, or go for a walk with your dog and stop and say hello to neighbors on the way. It doesn’t have to be complex—it just has to be authentic!

4. Get Involved in a Group

Join or start a group with people you share common ground with (life stage, hobbies, interests, etc.) and form meaningful relationships. This can be a Group at LCBC, or a group outside of church. A group is a great place to share your story and allow it to impact others, and for the stories of others to impact you, too!

5. Find Ways to Serve

Serving helps you see tangible impact happen through your actions. Seek out opportunities in your community or church, whether it’s a homeless shelter, an after school program, a local nonprofit, etc. Your willingness to give your time and energy to people in need will go a long way in helping others. And it’s the perfect activity to do with family and friends!

6. Listen and Pray

As people, we find solace in sharing our struggles with one another. When someone shares theirs with you, first take the opportunity to be a good listener, and then take the opportunity to pray for them.

God loves to hear what’s on our hearts and minds (1 Peter 3:12). So don’t just say or think that you’ll pray for someone—actually take the time to do it! You could even offer to pray for them right on the spot. God could be using you to impact their life and introduce them to the power of prayer.

Don’t believe the lie that you have no impact on the life of anyone else. God created you for a purpose, and you have the opportunity to fulfill that purpose every day. Keep striving to show Jesus to everyone you meet through your words, actions, and spirit.

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