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3 Ways to Inspire Your Ministry Team in this Season

Keep your team inspired, encouraged, and focused on your mission with these 3 tips.

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As leaders, we all want to lead our teams well, help them achieve their potential, and advance the mission in the best way we can. Whether you're a seasoned expert looking for some new ways to inspire your team, or in a new role where you get to jump in and start leading others, check out 3 ways you can continue to inspire and encourage those you lead.

1. Celebrate and Encourage Your Team in Simple Ways 

Leave a personal handwritten note, grab them their favorite candy bar, or just stop by their desk to tell them something you’ve noticed or appreciated about them recently. These little touchpoints can keep your team motivated and excited about the role they have in the mission.

2. Invest in Affordable Development Opportunities for Your Team

Sometimes the best way to keep inspiring your team is to invest in their opportunity to learn and grow. Whether it’s choosing a book to read together, committing to listening to a TED Talk or leadership podcast and discussing it afterwards, or taking your team to an event centered around ministry leadership, these opportunities can leave your team energized and ready to jump into ministry. All Access One Day is an event where you and your team will spend the day learning practical ministry solutions, engaging in specifically tailored breakouts, and having conversations with other ministry teams as we ask, engage, and share in order to better reach our communities. Registration is open now - you can learn more and grab tickets for your team.

3. Share Stories with Your Team

We’re all inspired by stories - hearing real-life examples of how God is working in and through your church can be just what a team needs to kick everything into high gear. Take advantage of moments when you can share wins and ways that you see God showing up through your ministry with your team, and encourage them to share the stories they witness, too. You can do this at your weekly or monthly meetings, or even start a Slack channel or email chain to share with each other. You may be surprised just how encouraged you feel after hearing a particularly incredible story of what God is doing.

You know how important inspiration is to your team - and there’s no shortage of the good it can do to boost your team’s energy and get everyone excited about what you get to do every day in your roles. Learn more about All Access One Day at LCBC and ways to keep inspiring your team.

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