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30 Things We Learned In Quarantine

Whether you had more or less time on your hands, we all came out of quarantine having learned something.

Personal Growth
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Each one of us spent the past 6 months a little differently than we thought we would. Whether you had more or less time on your hands, discovered a new passion or picked up an old one again, or just baked sourdough bread, we all came out of quarantine having learned something.

Here are just some of the responses we received on social media when we asked you to share what you learned during quarantine.

New Skills

From picking up a new language (not nearly as easy as it sounds!) to trying new recipes, quarantine life afforded us more time to learn new skills that we’ll keep in our back pocket for the days ahead! Here are some new skills we learned in quarantine:

  1. “I learned to sew all over again”
  2. “I started learning Polish”
  3. “How to bake biscuits and make candles”
  4. “How to make shampoo bars”
  5. “How to communicate with my eyes, since my coworkers couldn’t see my mouth with a mask”
  6. “I learned to be calm”
  7. “How to spend time with myself”
  8. “I learned to make chia seed pudding”

New Hobbies

How did you spend your hours when you were at home? These hobbies go a bit beyond Netflix and nap-taking...although we’re sure there was plenty of that, too. From yoga to puzzles, these new hobbies might be new options we can try out again when we’re looking for a way to pass the time. Here are some new hobbies we picked up over the past months:

  1. “Yoga”
  2. “Doing puzzles”
  3. “Working out everyday and getting more sleep”
  4. “Reading for fun (again)”
  5. “How to make sourdough bread”
  6. “Taking my dog for lots of walks”
  7. “Connecting with my neighbors more”
  8. “I finally got around to learning to hand letter”
  9. “Gardening”

New Mindsets

If there’s one thing that quarantine gave us, it was the chance to evaluate everything about how our lives used to be and how they would be going forward. In other words, it gave us a lot of time to think! Below are some mindset shifts and telling realizations that we’ve experienced during quarantine:

  1. “Beauty is everywhere, you just have to look”
  2. “I would not be a good homeschool teacher”
  3. “The world changes constantly, but the Lord is always good”
  4. “I learned not to be too harsh on myself”
  5. “How amazing it is to spend more time with God”
  6. “That I CAN be a stay at home mom”
  7. “I learned to focus on the things that are most important to me and let everything else go”
  8. “Patience”
  9. “That the most important things in life aren’t things”
  10. “That it’s time to let go of some things and be open to new adventures”
  11. “How important physical activity is for my mental health”
  12. “That I’m a much happier person with a structured schedule”
  13. “To be bold and have courage”

When you look at what you learned in quarantine, are you using it to shape your life going forward? Don’t miss joining us as we talk about what to start, stop, and keep in this new season as we evaluate what we learned in the last one. Join us for our series Start. Stop. Keep.

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