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6 Signs You Need More Rest

In our hurried lifestyle, we tend to ignore physical, emotional, and spiritual cues for rest. Here are 6 signs to slow down.

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Our minds and bodies are generally very good at giving us signals and alerts. They let us know when we’re hungry, when we need to go to sleep, and when something is too hot to touch with our bare hands. It’s almost like God designed us with a built-in alarm system! 

But some signals are easier for us to ignore than others – and oftentimes some of the most crucial warnings are the ones we push aside the most. In our hurried lifestyle, we tend to ignore physical, emotional, and spiritual cues for rest. 

Why do we need to rest? 

Since the beginning of time, God set the standard to have a habitual pattern of rest. When he created the universe, it’s written that he worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th day (Exodus 20:11). Taking one day away from work, away from the hustle, is part of God’s design for us. He knows it’s for our own good.  

Modern medicine agrees! There’s a phenomenon known as Hurry Sickness, which left unaddressed can lead to elevated blood pressure, difficulty regulating emotions, and even detriments to our cardiovascular health.  

So how do you know if you’re on the fast-track to hurry sickness yourself? 

6 signs you need more rest 

These are some of the most common signals from your mind and body that you need to slow down: 

1. Everything is a race 

If you’re stuck in traffic, do you constantly switch lanes trying to be in the fastest one? When you’re at the grocery store, do you scan the checkout lines to see which one is moving the quickest?  If you only have 15 minutes to pick up dinner, do you find yourself doing the mental math to figure out whether it’ll be more efficient to go through the drive-thru versus ordering at the counter? We all do this from time to time, but it’s a red flag when behaviors like this become a daily occurrence. 

2. You can’t do just one task at a time 

You’re in a video conference at work, but you’re working on another project on the side. You’re hiding your phone under your desk and scrolling through Instagram during class.  You’re texting and driving because the conversation simply can’t wait. Multitasking seems harmless enough until it’s not, and it’s a big indicator that you’re hurrying too much. 

3. You’re highly irritated by delays 

Nobody likes delays, but when you’re running low on rest, they set you off like a stick of dynamite. If you have trouble managing your reaction when schedules and plans shift, it could be a red flag. 

4. You always feel like you’re behind schedule 

We love to joke about how there aren’t enough hours in a day – but some of us feel like that’s reality. If you’re constantly wishing you could magically make an extra hour or two appear in your schedule, you’re probably taking on too much. 

5. You interrupt people a lot 

Be honest with yourself: have you been accused of being an interrupter? Do you have trouble taking the time to listen to others? Do you avoid conversations with certain people because they take so long to get to the point? This is one of the many ways Hurry Sickness manifests in our relationships – we start treating conversations like another thing to “just get through.” 

6. You’re obsessed with checking off your to-do list 

If we’re honest with ourselves, sometimes we take pride in how busy we are. The accomplishment we get from crossing something off the list can quickly become an addicting high that keeps us running at breakneck speed. 

It's time for a Sabbath 

If any of those six symptoms sounds familiar, there’s a good chance you need more rest. Like we saw earlier, God already gave us a formula for working rest into our lives: work six days, rest one day. This pattern of taking one day to rest is called taking a Sabbath, and it’s a concept found throughout the Bible. 

What is a Sabbath? 

The word Sabbath comes from the Hebrew word Shabbat, which means “to cease,” or “to rest.” It’s a full day – 24 hours – dedicated to putting your work down. Like we read earlier, God set the standard for rest when he rested on the 7th day after spending 6 days creating the world. 

God probably didn’t need to rest. (After all, he’s God!) But he knew we, as human beings, would need that example to follow. He even made it a requirement in the ten commandments, which we can read in the book of Exodus. 

“Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. You have six days each week for your ordinary work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath day of rest dedicated to the LORD your God. On that day no one in your household may do any work. This includes you, your sons and daughters, your male and female servants, your livestock, and any foreigners living among you.” Exodus 20:8-10 

This means taking a day to rest isn’t just a nice thing God gives us the option to do – it's a command designed for our own good. 

What do I do on the Sabbath? 

A better question is, “What do I not do?” The best things to do on your Sabbath day are things that will bring you refreshment that don’t feel like work. You could do things like: 

  • Spending time with family and friends 
  • Feeding your curiosity and researching a new topic of interest 
  • Spending time outdoors 
  • Reading a book 
  • Engaging with God 
  • Exercising 

While some religious traditions dictate that a Sabbath should be taken on a specific day, the Bible doesn’t actually tell us to do that. We’re simply commanded to take one day to rest and recharge for the next week. When we do, we honor God’s design for us and demonstrate trust that he knows what’s best for us. After all, God can accomplish infinitely more in six days than we could on our own in seven.  


If you’re reading this article, chances are you might be a goal-getter – or know someone who is. As you’re structuring a better habit around Sabbath, this article may help you re-evaluate your goals so you know you’re putting your best efforts toward the best things.  


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