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Summer 2022 Bucket List

Check out tons of ideas and links to help you make up the perfect Summer 2022 Bucket List!

Personal Growth
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Summer is nearly here, and especially this year, we want to make the most of it! Whether you’re trying to find fun things to do with your preschooler, looking for memorable date night ideas, or just planning to fill up your calendar with activities to do with friends, we’ve got tons of ideas that you can sift through to make up your perfect Summer 2022 Bucket List!

Spend Time Outdoors

Spend Time Indoors

For the Food & Drink Connoisseur

Go On An Adventure

Stay On A Budget

Serve Others


What will your Summer 2022 Bucket List look like? Share it with us by posting your list on social media and tagging @LCBCchurch. Here’s to a fun-filled summer!

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