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Top 12 Takeaways from GLS 2022

Check out some of the top takeaways from GLS 2022 that will help grow and shape your leadership skills no matter your role or situation.

Personal Growth
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Each year at LCBC, we get the incredible opportunity to be a host location for the Global Leadership Summit. Check out some of the top takeaways from this year that will help grow and shape your leadership skills no matter your role or situation.

1. Excel in both confidence and humility

Some of us have too much confidence and are hesitant to meet our potential. Authentic leadership is about the ability to live in “leadership discomfort,” where you are growing, being challenged, and learning. 

It can be humbling not to have all the answers, but without pursuing growth, you will be too confident. Without challenging yourself, you won’t meet your potential. Leadership discomfort allows you to unlock the potential that God has for you.

2. Learn to be focused and flexible

What is the greatest enemy to your success? For many, it’s a lack of focus. Focus allows us to make wise choices on how to spend our time, what to put our energy into, and what to fix our thoughts on. Focus can be taken too far, however. 

When you become so focused that you’re unwilling to see other viewpoints, options, and opinions, you can stop your ability to reach success. True leaders are focused on their goals and flexible and willing to be challenged and changed.

3. Anything worth doing is worth doing badly

There is power in the tiny, small steps. It’s not just enough to have an idea. We need to take the first step. Often, we don’t act because we fear failure or are waiting for perfection. However, if we can stop overthinking and start doing (while learning and making adjustments along the way), we may surprise ourselves with what we can accomplish.

4. Empathy is a muscle we need to strengthen

In today’s world, there is a rise in apathy and a lack of empathy. We’ve been conditioned to only think about ourselves instead of focusing on the common goals and collective responsibility that unite us.

As leaders, we must practice empathy daily. Be slow to speak and quick to listen. Ask questions and truly listen, not to judge or find a solution, but to understand. When we build our empathy muscles, we have an opportunity to make an impact in the lives of others by seeing, understanding, and demonstrating.

5. Forgiveness is freedom

Often, we perceive forgiveness as a means to an end that all the hurt has healed. However, that’s not true in every case. If we shift our perspective on forgiveness, we can lean into the freedom it gives as we let go of grudges. We can then move forward alongside those who have hurt us in the past.

6. Appearance isn’t everything

As a leader, pointing others to greatness is essential because your appearance isn’t everything. God fills in the gaps that are your shortcomings, pain, and vulnerabilities. He is the author of your story, which starts with grace and ends with grace.

7. A growth mindset helps predict success

A growth mindset believes in improving rather than proving. It focuses on comparing your personal growth rather than against others.Three great ways to foster a culture of the growth mindset:1. Draw attention to your mistakes2. Share stories of your past challenges3. Focus on rewarding progress and persistence

8. Overthinking steals time, creativity, and productivity

Great thoughts lead to great actions, and great actions lead to great results. Many of us are stuck overthinking, which gets in the way of what we want. Have you ever edited a thought before you wrote it down? Or re-read an email you’ve already sent? It’s time to reframe how we think. 

If you can worry, you can wonder. If you can doubt, you can dominate. The best leaders turn overthinking from a super problem into a superpower.

9. Replace the broken soundtracks

Soundtracks are repetitive thoughts that keep us from moving forward with our goals. Write a goal and then listen to your first thoughts. Then ask the loudest soundtracks these three questions: 

1. Is it True? 

2. Is it helpful?

3. Is it kind?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, replace those soundtracks with a new playlist. We tend to think thoughts are outside our control, but the truth is that thoughts come by choice or chance. Great leaders pick thoughts ahead of time, and they choose actionable thoughts.

10. Learn to see those around you for who they are

Take a step back and acknowledge where you may have unconscious bias.

Learn to consciously visualize another person’s viewpoint for who they are, not who you may have been programmed to think they are. 

11. Good business is built on relationships

Remember to be decent and fair to everyone. Business is centered around the relationships with people you work for, that you work with, that work for you, etc. The better those relationships are, the better your business, organization, church, etc.

12. Love others the way Jesus loves you

In John 15:12, Jesus gives us, what he describes, as the greatest commandment of all - to love one another, just as he has loved us. 

If you remember any of these twelve takeaways from this article, remember this one. Write it down on a note, on your hand, or as a reminder on your phone. The greatest gift you can give your employees, co-workers, family, or friends is to love them the way Jesus continues to love you.


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