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Bible Reading / Key Events

Day 72



The events of Jesus’ life are told by four different authors. By having them told by multiple witnesses and from four perspectives this is God’s way of confirming that the events are true. Matthew was one of Jesus’ followers, or disciples, and spent years following Jesus wherever he went. His writings give a firsthand account of Jesus’ ministry. Here, Matthew tells about a number of miracles Jesus performed. The miracles provide proof that Jesus truly is the Messiah for whom the Jews have been looking. He demonstrates power over disease, a storm and demons. At times Jesus uses only his spoken words, just as God had done in creation.

Sometimes people view those who lived in Jesus’ day as gullible. They think they only believed in Jesus because they were too uneducated to see that he was tricking them. If this were the case, why was Matthew so careful to present proof of who Jesus is? He tells of powerful teaching and miracles and shows how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecies. Those who believed in Jesus weren’t tricked into believing; they were convinced by clear evidence that Jesus was sent to them by God. We have proof today too! People who follow the teachings of a poor man who lived 2000 years ago are changed, sometimes in miraculous ways.