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We don't typically think of the book of Revelation as particularly inspiring. But it actually gives an incredible picture of Jesus - his glory, power, and majesty - and the hopeful future that's coming. The end is only the beginning.

When God Restores It All

John Wilkinson · May 29, 2022

The end is really a return to the beginning. Understanding God’s original plan for us, in the beginning, helps give context for his return in the future - to reclaim what sin & death have stolen. ----- To dive deeper, check out our message-based article: The Who, What, and Why of the Final Judgment

Staying Close to Jesus

Leslie McCarthy · May 22, 2022

In Revelation 3, Jesus addresses a church that had become complacent or "lukewarm" in their faith. We can use these scriptures in our own lives to identify areas where we can more fully rely on Jesus for everything we need. ----- To dive deeper, check out our message-based article: How do you know if your Relationship with Jesus is Lukewarm?

The Least Of These Matter Most

Dr. Wess Stafford · May 15, 2022

Throughout scripture, we see God's deep love for children and the incredible things he does through them. So how can we also take steps to love and care for "the least of these" well? Dr. Wess Stafford, President Emeritus of Compassion International, shares how to respond when God moves you to action.

A New View of Heaven and Earth

Matt Parks · May 8, 2022

The book of Revelation helps us to understand that there’s more to reality than meets the eye and shows us already revealed truth from earlier in scripture in a new way. ----- To dive deeper, check out our message-based article: 3 Truths to Know About the Kingdom of Heaven

The Truth About Jesus

Jason Mitchell · May 1, 2022

The book of Revelation is full of imagery & metaphors that give us a glimpse at a bigger picture. Chapter one gives us a magnificent look at the glory of Jesus and reveals truths that can transform our own lives. ----- To dive deeper, check out our message-based article: What does Revelation Teach Us About Jesus

The Hope of Jesus’ Return

Matt Parks · April 24, 2022

If someone has handed you an idea of Jesus’ return that is full of fear, anger, and hate - void of love and peace, you have not been handed the right understanding of God’s return and his heart. In this message, we're invited to take a deep breath and see Jesus and his return with fresh eyes. ----- To dive deeper, check out our message-based article: How Should We Approach the Book of Revelation