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3 Practical Ways to Fight the Challenges of Change

There are practical ways that you can fight against the opposition that comes with pursuing real change.

Personal Growth
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When you make the decision to go after a positive and life-altering change in our lives, it can be an exhilarating feeling. That big moment, filled with inspiration, can lead to one of the best decisions of your life. But what happens when the moment passes, the inspiration fades, and you realize the road ahead of you looks a lot tougher than you were expecting?

You’re not alone - every person who decides to make a big change finds themselves facing opposition. And if you’re a follower of Jesus, a step in the right direction as you follow the Holy Spirit might mean stepping into some new challenges as well. The good news is that if you find yourself feeling the weight of those challenges, you’re probably closer to Jesus than you’ve ever been.

More good news - there are practical ways that you can fight against the opposition that comes with pursuing real change. 

1. Stand Firm

The best first step to take when fighting for real change is to take a firm position - deciding to stand firm in the truth of God and the change that you want to seek. One of the easiest ways to keep standing firm is to surround yourself with people who also want to stand firm along with you. Keep your stance by refusing to isolate yourself and instead pursuing connection with others who have a desire to stand firm too.

If you don’t have a tribe to stand alongside, your best next step is to get in a Group and begin surrounding yourself with those who will help you stand firm in change and in opposition throughout this season and the next.

Watch this clip to hear more about what it means to Stand Firm. 

2. Put On God’s Armor

When you decide to pursue real change, whether you like it or not, you’re going into battle. That battle is against yourself and your own temptations, but it’s also against a real enemy who knows your weaknesses. 

When heading into a battle, you need to be equipped with the right armor. Ephesians 6:14-17 tells us to put on the armor of God - that armor being truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, and the Word of God. Each of these will give you the protection and the perseverance you need to push through the strategies of the enemy and keep fighting for change.

Watch this clip to hear more about what it means to Put On God’s Armor. 

3. Be Strong

Being strong sounds nice in theory, but there’s more to this step than trying your best to do your best. God tells us to be strong not on our own, but in his mighty power. That means you’re relying on God’s strength - not your own - to get you through anything and everything. 

Ephesians 6:10 says, “Be strong in the Lord, and in his mighty power.” The real way to oppose the enemy and to experience change is to be so close to Jesus and his power and strength that he alone will keep you moving forward in any opposition that you face. Stay close to him by talking to God regularly through prayer and spending time in his Word. So you don’t need to rely on yourself to be strong - you can rely on Jesus. 

Real change doesn’t come without real struggles and real opposition. But you don’t have to face any of it alone. The next time you feel tempted, unsupported, or targeted by the enemy, remember to stand firm, put on God’s armor, and be strong in him. 

Watch this clip to hear more about what it means to Be Strong. 

To hear more about fighting against opposition, check out the full message Facing Opposition in Change from our series Re-thinking My Life.

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