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3 Ways to Make Your At The Movies Invite Intentional

Be intentional about who and how you invite to At The Movies this year! Check out these three key ways to make the most of your invite!

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You may have heard us talking about inviting friends or family to join you for At The Movies at LCBC this year; we believe (because you’ve told us!) it’s one of the easiest events to invite others to join you for - who doesn’t love watching movies in church? 

It can be hard deciding who to invite, and then actually inviting them - but honestly, the most important part of making an invite is the intentionality behind it. Check out 3 ways to make the most out of your At The Movies invite this year.

Pray Over Your Names

Start with writing down a list of who you plan to invite from your circle of influence - whether it’s your mom's group, the guys you play golf with, your local barista, or a pizza delivery person. Then take time to pray over each person on your list. God can do more than we can ever imagine in preparing our hearts and the hearts of the people we’re inviting.

Come Prepared

Take the guesswork out of your invite by making sure you’ve thought through all the details. Plan a specific gathering date, time, and location to attend together. Try to anticipate other logistical questions that might come up, like who’s driving, where the kids will go, etc. Feel free to reference our “What to Expect” page on!

Follow Up Afterwards

After you’ve made your invite, be sure to check in with them in a few days’ time and see if they’re planning on coming with you. You can even plan to get together before or after the gathering to make a date out of it!


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As you’re thinking about who to invite, remember you can share an invitation on social media or grab a link to share with a friend at!


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